Nine: It’s nice to meet you

Why Nine of Pentacles?

Here is my favorite picture of her, from the Morgan-Greer deck.


I feel like she embodies life, at least for me. Some people say this woman is trapped within her empire. I disagree. She built that empire she sits in. She can enjoy the fruits of her labor because of the work she put in. Her discipline. self-reliance and her belief in herself got her where she is. Also, shes’s like, stunningly beautiful. I, an earth sign, completely identify with this aesthetic. Building, getting down to do the dirty work, but also remaining cute while doing it–that bird on her shoulder is definitely not a pet. He is a wild animal. That’s all me.

I’m an earth sign, dude. I just want to work towards something.

image1 (1).jpeg

What’s so special about nine, anyway?

In Tarot, nines are special. Being the highest single digit number present in a deck, they are a metaphor which can be broken down to ‘the most of something you can have without your cup overflowing’. (See what I did there?)

Ten is one plus zero; the energy of nine plus one.

Ten of Swords, he’s pretty much dead in the ground, defeated. Ten of Wands is determined to make it to the finish line, despite being overwhelmed and unable to see in front of him. Ten of Cups is literally the happiest ten of all the suits; the scene in the Ten of Pentacles leaves us unable to decide if the people depicted are emotionally fulfilled, but they sure do have it going on as far as wealth is concerned. Nine encompasses everything before it, from one to eight, and is now ‘ready to share’.

Well, almost.

Our story here in the Tarot ends at 10, so why so much talk of 9?

Nine is completion, but every time there is an end, there is also a new beginning. That’s what ten represents and what the gateway of nine prepares us for. Something is missing, and we must venture through the doorway once more to find it.

That’s where I come in.

I’m on this journey with you.