Today’s Temperature

I’ve reset my deck! Hurrah!

I mean, I kind of had to. I put my deck down to do something at home, chock full of reversals, and couldn’t remember which way was up. Facepalm.

Today’s (or, well, yesterday) all-star cast is: Temperance, Two of Wands, King of Pentacles, Two of Pentacles and Six of Swords.

I’ve started taking a different approach with the cards: drawing them before bed, since I’m a night owl, and just checking to see how the day unfolds for me. At the time of drawing the cards, this combination of cards made no sense, but I’ll try to sort it out here.


Temperance is about balance, moderation, avoiding extremes. Two of Wands is definitely ‘should I stay/should I go’, but also preparing for ‘the ship to come in’ (that’s what the 3/Wands is, anyhow). The action of being prepared. King of Pentacles threw me for a bit of a loop here: I do definitely have a King/Pentacles type in my life, but with the lack of a Major Arcana card in front of him to clarify this for me, I will go with actions I need to take to embody this energy. I just don’t get the feeling that today, King/Pentacles is a person in my life.

So, King of Pentacles’ traits include: being dependable, responsible, business-minded, avoiding mood swings* (we must come back to this!). Two of Pentacles is everything I’m juggling, the fine art of maintaining that balance, having fun with whatever comes my way, and just multitasking. Six of Swords to me is ‘moving away from’, a journey, ‘leave it and start anew’, thinking logically to ensure my success in ‘The Valley Beyond’.

Any Westworld fans out there, or is it just me?

Now that we have a basic sense of what these cards mean individually, what do they mean as a whole? Well, let’s take a stab at it.

Avoiding extremes and being patient (Temperance) as I prepare to move forward, prepare to make decisions (2/Wands). The decisions I make are those that involve material success, and there’s quite a lot to live up to regarding my decision (King/Pentacles). If I’m really going to make the conscious choice to be king of my own domain or boss of my life, I’m going to need some boss-like actions to back it up, like being responsible, keeping an eye on the ball, keeping my finances in order (this is the really rich guy, after all–Pentacles don’t do reckless 🙂 and avoiding those pesky mood swings.

That * earlier was particularly for me. It’s also how I got the hint that no, King of Pentacles, you aren’t someone in my life today. Many people will insist that court cards are people, and that I do agree with, but it’s all about context in Tarot. Today’s context showed me that this isn’t about a person in my life because that whole ‘avoiding mood swings’ bit got to me. When you’re reading for yourself, you really have to go with which interpretation resonates with you at the time of your reading.

But . . . back to those mood swings. They come. They go. Sometimes I’m the life of the party and days like yesterday when I was at work I simply wanted to be left alone. They make me sit and brood in my room over nothing and also inspire me to watch people throw things from a high-rise window in Tribeca.

That last bit actually happened as I was walking to my last delivery of the night, by the way.

My moods are an ever-changing seesaw and I struggle with staying in a good one. I’m positive, I’m bright, I’m charming, but it takes all of me to stay there. My mood is also dependant on my creative outlook and if I’m doing something that I’m interested in or not.

Driving? Neutral, I don’t need to crash. Work? It’s a mixed bag. Tarot? Tarot will get me out of a crap mood in seconds flat. Housework? It’s a mixed bag.

Being able to juggle the intricacies of you being the boss (King/Pentacles + 2/Pentacles). For a while, I’ve wanted to be my own boss, not just at work, but in other areas of my life too, but just wrapping my head around being the boss of my own life is too much. I mean be the boss as in making sure I’m living the life I want to live, not just being forced to settle for what’s available or convenient.

I’m sure people laugh when I say I deliver groceries and hear me say ‘I dropped out of college’, but for me, my position is temporary. I’ve had a dozen jobs before this one, but they don’t know that. I’m sure that life would be a lot easier if I just follow the known, safe route that guarantees results, but I feel that there’s merit in taking the path less traveled. This slow, meandering path that like Taurus, takes its time to smell the roses and see the beauty in barren wastelands, in terrible 7-11 coffee after an overnight shift, in the occasional Starbucks, when I can afford it, in dimly lit breakrooms and hard plastic chairs at the market research job I once had  . . .

You get my drift. Hopefully.

Six of Swords is the card that ties this all together, as it should, because it is the card in the center. Most of the cards in this spread complement each other relatively well and work to emphasize the point: you’ve been chilling, making plans for the future, getting things in order, keeping your head on straight as you juggle all of the things in your life with a smile, and leaving the barren wastelands; at least mentally. 6/Swords is moving away, possibly being forced to, kicking and screaming, to take that necessary sabbatical or move away from thought patterns that left me stuck (air = thought, intellect, the mind). Lately I’ve been quite forceful in my attempts to minimize how much I procrastinate, so that could be it too.

The challenge of the day was to use my head and not my heart, and my heart almost won when halfway through my shift I contemplated going home to enjoy my AC and play with my dog, but I stuck it out anyway. I’ve got to think logically to ensure my success at this point. It’s the only way I’ll ever be king of my own domain. Plus, a part of me wants to move really, really, really badly. Like a change of address move. Living in New York City, though . . . I can’t even begin to describe how big of a task that is.

I’m moving away from feeling regret or sorrow or even the sense of having to be defensive about my life and my choices. I’m actually ecstatic about deciding to learn Tarot and become a reader because through it, my life has made substantially more sense. I’m completely okay with being the classmate that turned out as the hippie. Really.

I’m moving away from useless multitasking (another facet of 2/Pentacles) and to being the person with the Midas touch, essentially.

I’m on this journey with you. I keep telling you all that. I’m about leaving the baggage and using my head like that 6/Swords too.



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