Today’s Temperature

When I was a kid, I used to have dreams that spooked me. Never really anything scary, but just . . . so vividly detailed that I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or actually experiencing these events. Sometimes, actual information came from these dreams. My mother used to tell me ‘it’s not really about you’, and for a while, I never understood what that meant. How could all these weird/too vivid dreams not be about me when was the one having them?

Today, however, it hit me. Yesterday, I did my daily reading, the usual five-card getup, and couldn’t grasp what was being said. I was able to connect two or three cards, but as for all five? Forget it. It was a conversation with a friend that made me realize that this  reading wasn’t about me at all–it was about him.

Maybe the Universe channels energy through others. Maybe I’m just intuitive like that, I don’t know. I don’t know what this is called, but it’s a pretty cool thing. It’s kind of refreshing to take a step back from all of my self-generated drama.

Okay, let’s dissect and dive in!


Ah, our buddy Temperance is the first card in this spread. Balance, moderation, patience, the subtle melding of extremes. Self-control is the name of the game here.

Knight of Pentacles I always see as a ‘knight in shining armor’. His temperament (pun intended) is even, calm, patient, but painfully slow. Always making an effort, always thinking endgame.

The High Priestess in this context I see as ‘inner knowing’. Your gut feeling, essentially. Knowing, deep down, but not acting on it.

Four of Pentacles . . . eh, I personally am not overjoyed to see him, given the context here. Fours in the Tarot represent stability, but given that Four of Pentacles corresponds to the element Earth and Earth has a bit of a reputation for being rather . . . fixed. Stubborn. Hoarders, essentially. Holding on to something stubbornly.

Ah, my first ever reversal on this blog, Four of Wands. Letting go of the notion of a happy home. Lack of support, instability, even feeling trapped and restricted.

No particular card is the star today (pun intended), but rather reading them all together as a group is the way to approach this.

Exercising self-control and restraint (Temperance) as he strives to be that knight in shining armor. Always making an effort, calm, patient, looking at endgame (Knight/Pentacles). However, his intuition is telling him (High Priestess) that he’s holding on selfishly (Four/Pentacles) to this pursuit of something, in this case, a relationship that is just draining him, making him feel trapped. He has to let go of a future with this girl and with that, it means letting go of the idea of the wedding, the happy home and that person to share all the success with (Four/Wands rx).

He doesn’t know how to be anything but a gentleman (Knight/Pentacles) and it’s been hard for him to accept that their relationship is over (Four/Wands rx), and he’s also been really trying not to go to extremes (Temperance) as far as his emotions are concerned. He gets irrationally mad when she makes other plans, cancels last-minute, or simply doesn’t want to be bothered, although he knows that she isn’t his girlfriend. He also talked about holding on to a ghost (Four/Pentacles)–holding on to the love that he has for her, holding on to the idea of a future with her although, deep down, he knows (High Priestess) this is bad for him.

My friend decided to take a time-out from any further interaction with said girl, and I commended him. And then, as soon as he left, the cards I had laid out earlier in the day, before work made sense to me.  I would never knock anyone’s decision to have an Eight of Cups moment. Actually, I feel that more people need to have these sort of ‘I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative’ moments. We just can’t be with the drama, no matter what the cause or root is. This guy is walking away from a friendship he deeply cherishes and a relationship that through its many itinerations, never seemed to ‘work’, as he put it.


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