The Super Omega Happy Birthday Spread

Hi guys! This post is super, super overdue!

My birthday was Thursday, and after all the celebrating, I just went straight into DO mode. My birthday gave me a sense of renewal. I literally woke up feeling different, like, okay, time to cross things off the old to-do list. This spread was partly inspired by feeling stuck (keep reading, I’ll get back to that) and wanting the upcoming year to be different.

I’ve always wanted to do this but never really had a chance to on the day of my birthday. There’s usually just too much going on.  This year, however, with the general vibe being ‘I just wanna chill’ (Four of Swords, is that you?!), I was able to work on this, after all the celebrating was done: a mashup of two spreads. I wanted something that would give me a little ‘forecast’ into the year ahead, but I also wanted space to reflect on the past year of my life and have cards point that out exactly.

There are fifteen cards in this spread.


Positions 1, 2, and 3 are based on questions.

Position one asks: ‘Celebrate. What else should you celebrate today, in addition to your birthday?’

Two asks: ‘Lesson. What was the major lesson of the previous year?’

Three: ‘Theme. What is the energetic theme of the year?’

Positions 4-15 are basically an energetic snapshot of the year ahead, starting with the current month, and ending the following year a month before your birthday.


Well, let’s get into it!

  1. The Chariot. Seeing it here makes me think I should celebrate buying a car, one of the first things I think of when I see this card. Moving quickly, steadfastly, making those two opposite sphinxes go the same way. Overcoming conflicts. Celebrating having the raw determination to go at it, no matter what.
  2. Strength. That self-control we can’t see. Having the patience of a saint. Certainly, there were many times in the past year where impatience has worked against me. Putting great personal power to use. I still struggle with that, but hey, we all have room for improvement somewhere.
  3. Queen of Wands. I’m not the slightest bit confused or shocked to see this lady in our stellar lineup. Back at the end of 2017 and into early 2018, she was popping up for me so often in my daily draws that I wondered if I was shuffling my cards the right way. There is a fun, enchanting (witchy!) energy coming. That ‘go ahead and just chase down your goals’ energy. She personally is one of my favorite cards, and so seeing her in this position made me happy.

Now, for the year ahead. My mentor likes to remind me of this all the time, so I guess I’ll share it here as well. As circumstances change, so can the outcome. So with that being said, here’s a super, super super general look at the rest of 2018 and 2019!

May 2018: The Hanged Man

Not the guy I’d like to be greeted with, but what does he bring? The ability to be unstuck once he learns how to surrender. Once we all learn that we cannot have everything our way and that there is freedom in surrender, our Hanged Man is free.

What do I need to let go of?

June 2018: Five of Cups

Cue Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness. Sad, stewing in regret, crying over spilled milk, you name it, there’s some emotional malaise.  What happened, did becoming enlightened last month make you sad this month?

You’re probably crying over spilled milk. Cheer up. It’s summer.

July 2018: Ace of Swords

Telling it like it is, honey! The potential to speak truth to power, or, maybe, tackle my stage fright.

Say it like you mean it!

August 2018: The Empress

A creative venture in bloom? A rather productive time in my life? I like her, and I’m curious to see what blessings she may bring.

Time to be spoiled, honey!

September 2018: The Sun

This isn’t a card I see too often, honestly. I see it and think, ‘sun shining down on me’. Optimism. Other traditional meanings for this card include joy, success and material happiness.

What will I be celebrating?

October 2018: Four of Swords

I feel like I write about this guy way too often. His meaning rarely changes: rest, meditation, thinking about it, being tired. October usually is a chaotic time for me every year. I have a feeling it’s tied to my moon in Scorpio and the Taurus full moon occuring around the same time–and I’m a Taurus. I have the nickname ‘Ms. October’ for good and not-so-good reasons.

Bring it all the way down this year, Ms. October.

November 2018: The Hermit

This is usually also the time of year I clean up after ‘Ms. October’ comes to town. That period of quiet and introspection I need but never take seriously. I don’t need to not party; I can just take a nap! Until I wake up and see that I’ve been asleep ten hours, or that I’ve missed work or commitments I’d said I’d honor…whoops.

Whatever you’re searching for, with a little patience, you’ll find.

December 2018: Ace of Wands

Aces are all seeds, the highest amount of potential confined within a single card. They are the harbingers of their suits; but what we do with it once it’s presented is up to us. There’s an creative opportunity ready to be seized here. The passion and the fire is all right here, open to me should I just reach out and take it.

Coincidence, luck, timing, whatever, are you ready for your big break?

January 2019: Ace of Cups

Two Aces back to back! For me? Aw, you’re too kind, this can’t be for me. Honestly, this combo seems to be more about love than anything else. Aside from the meanings about love, there is the chance to obtain emotional fulfillment, perhaps from learning to master my emotions, and just a general feeling of joy.

My cup overfloweth!

February 2019: King of Swords

Ugh, a court card here. I have no problem with them when the spread is about people, but I would hope that this month isn’t all about a person. He’s got that sword and not afraid to use it. Analytical, detached from his emotions when he makes a decision, using nothing but logic. An expert, someone would say. The person who is not too involved or too biased.

Have I become an expert? Is it time for me to call an expert?

March 2019: Five of Swords

No one really wins, honestly. If you stand up for yourself like the figure on this card, you can be seen as the bully too. Words that cause confrontations. Acting on your own self-interests. A scandal.

Are you the victim or the suspect?

April 2019: Seven of Pentacles

Taking a look out into the garden to check on this year’s miniature roses, or opening up your 401(k), or measuring something that we’ve obviously put a lot of time, effort, and quite possibly money into. The feeling of wondering what’s next. Every April before my birthday sort of already feels very Seven of Pentacles-y already.

Really, what’s next for you?

Don’t spend too much time thinking about it–you’ve got possibilities to tend to.

P.P.P.S: Let me give credit where credit is due! Questions 1-3 were borrowed from this lovely spread online, and positions 4-12 was a mashup of spreads I saw online. There was another, using the Wild Unknown deck, and if I come across it I will post the link because the deck is so pretty to me 🙂


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